Portrait of Ifedayo Ijabadeniyi

Ifedayo Ijabadeniyi

Detail-obsessed Software Engineer

Designing and building delightful products, interfaces, and interactions.

I’m a full-stack developer, technical writer, and general doodler with a keen eye for creating engaging UI. I enjoy teaching and learning by documenting my experiences and "AHAs" on my blog.


A collection of my latest articles.

Understanding and implementing a singly linked list in C.

Linked lists can be hard to grasp for junior software engineers. This article conceptually steps through what a linked list is, and how they work; then dives into implementation, and some common mistakes to avoid.

Fetch Your Spotify Top Tracks

Discrete tutorial with a working example showing how to fetch and display your top tracks from spotify.


A history of places I’ve worked and studied at.

  1. ALX/Holberton School2022Present

    Software engineer (student)

  2. BetaQuick202122

    Frontend Developer (contract)

  3. HydrogenHR202021

    Full-Stack Developer (contract)

  4. HotelsNG202020

    Backend Developer (intern)

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